Roof Coating Thermotek X-99

Thermotek X99 – 100% Silicone


Thermotek x99 Silicone is a solvent free single component elastomeric waterproof 100% silicone coating with high solids content manufactured to provide long-lasting protection to your roof. It’s superior weathering and water resistant characteristics make Thermotek x99 Silicone the ultimate protection for ponding water.


  • Prevents and Stops Leaks.
  • Provides permanent waterproofing protection.
  • Extends the life of your roof.
  • Reduces electric energy consumption by making the air conditioning more efficient.
  • Eliminates usage of emulsions and polyester.
  • Optimal life expectancy to your roof by performing annual maintenance program.
  • Powerful ponding water resistance.
  • Avoid additional costs of replacing pre-existing membranes or coatings, as long s the membrane/coating is perfectly adhered.

UV and Weather Resistance

Thermotek x99 Silicone meets UV reflectivity requirements to form a high elastomeric roof coating that will not degrade, crack, and/or chalk under even an extreme UV exposure.

Our silicone coatings offer a superb defense against harmful sunlight, severe storms and high winds providing your roof superior weathering protection.

Ponding Water

NRCA considers ponding water on any roof as undesirable, and recommends that all roof systems are designed and built to ensure positive drainage. Thermotek x99 Silicone offers a powerful ponding water resistance.

Our Certifications

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